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By Julian A. Peterson
ERP software blogs have been a bit slower to emerge than their CRM software brethren. However, the gap is narrowing and several bloggers offer insight that can be found nowhere else. Bloggers rich with first hand information, strong opinions and a willingness to share have delivered an insight to the ERP software industry not previously available in such a timely and candid way. After reviewing over a hundred ERP related blogs, we've cut through the clutter to provide The Top 10 ERP Industry Blogs. While several blog review sites weigh frequency of blog updates, we took an approach that favors fewer but higher quality blog posts as opposed to more frequent posts which seem to discuss family members, favorite hobbies, funny occasions with a trace of ERP software thrown in.

  1. Software as Services. Phil Wainewright is my favorite blogger for all things SaaS - including SaaS ERP systems. Phil's a creative blogger who isn't afraid to call things like he see's them. His posts are frequent and the majority of his content is related to on-demand business applications.

  2. Joshua Greenbaum. This is one of the best ERP software blogs bar none. Greenberg recently moved his ematters blog from ZDnet to Wordpress, a move that seems to have lifted his spirits as evidenced in his writing style. This award winning columnist's 'Enterprise Anti-matter' blog provides a balanced perspective and deep insight with the leading ERP market share players such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft as well as major CRM software companies such as

  3. This blog shares experiences, lessons and learning about the selection, implementation and ROI for ERP Systems. It also discusses Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) systems, Social CRM (SCRM) & social media, Manufacturing Systems, Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems and Payroll & HR Applications. It offers some great insight and great interviews with industry analysts.
  4. This blog is delivered by a seasoned ERP consultant who offers interesting first hand experiences, discoveries, lessons learned, insight and recommendations. This is a blogger who's statements are infrequent but always pack a lot of credible information for buyers, implementors and users of ERP software systems.

  5. This blog and website is delivered by international IT research, analysis and consultancy firm ECS Research based in Hong Kong. The organization is a thought leader throughout the Asia region and offers expert opinion in the areas of ERP software, accounting software, supply chain management software, manufacturing systems, human resources and payroll applications, and CRM systems.

  6. I only recently began reading this blog, but each time I visit I find a new perspective on a number of lesser discussed ERP software products. The blog is produced by a well regarded ERP consultant based in Dubai and serves the manufacturing and distribution industries throughout the GCC and middle east.

  7. Here's another regional perspective that speaks to the ERP and CRM software industries. The blog is written by a Russian ERP consultant based in Moscow who delivers implementation consulting throughout Russia and beyond.
  8. This is a new ERP blog from a veteran software consultant and software practitioner who has made his livelihood in the ERP software industry for over 20 years. This blog looks to provide unique perspective, insight, opinion, balance or sometimes the the story behind the story. I like the writings and hope it expands.

  9. This is the self described blog site for everything SaaS, including ERP SaaS. It has a great focus on Software as a Service business systems with quality content and insight related to both CRM an ERP business software systems. The author's candid discussions about his first hand experience with various SaaS solutions can provide other evaluators a personal perspective.

  10. This site has no redeeming value other than being politically incorrect and using the industry's unplanned and questionable events for entertainment and amusement. It's a great site if you just want to look at the funny side of the ERP software industry with a sarcastic attitude and get a good laugh. I check out this site every month.

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