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December 31, 2007 by Julian Peterson
While the rise of blogs is nothing new, the value of ERP industry specific blogs dramatically changed in 2007. Bloggers rich with first hand information, strong opinions and a willingness to share have delivered an insight to the ERP software industry not previously available in such a timely and pervasive way. After reviewing over a hundred ERP related blogs, we've cut through the clutter to provide The Top 20 ERP Industry Blogs.

  1. PGreenblog. Paul is the author of CRM at the Speed of Light, a CRM guru and Web 2.0 evangelist. His blog posts are candid, informative and entertaining. He's far more frequent with front office CRM systems and rarely gets into back office ERP applications. Nonetheless, this is a must read blog for industry enthusiasts.

  2. Software as Services. Phil Wainewright is a creative blogger who isn't afraid to call things like he see's them. His posts are frequent and the majority of his content is related to business applications within the software as a service industry.

  3. FirstCoffee. This TMCnet blog is authored by David Sims and covers all things CRM. The author has an unusually entertaining attitude, writing style and wit that simply are not matched elsewhere. His posts are frequent, content opinionated and comments thought provoking.

  4. Joshua Greenbaum. This is one of the best ERP enterprise software blogs bar none. This award winning columnist's 'Enterprise Anti-matter' blog provides a balanced perspective and deep insight with the leading market share players such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and

  5. Blogger and industry publisher Rich Bohn is possibly the most direct, opinioined and tenured voice of the CRM industry. This sales executive turned publisher brings 30 years of experience and advice and has been publishing CRM newsletters, product reviews and commentary since January 1985.

  6. This blog is delivered by a seasoned ERP consultant who offers outstanding first hand experiences, surprises, discoveries, insight and advice. This is a blogger who's statements pack a lot of credible information and whose predictions make a lot of sense.

  7. MarketingInteractions. This is a great web site which delivers first hand experience, insight and tips for several in-demand marketing program types such as interactive marketing, relationship marketing, microsites, customer retention methods and various lead generation programs.

  8. EnterpriseApps. Authored by blogger Renee Boucher Ferguson, the eWeek blog is an outstanding source of news and information for business systems and enterprise applications. I suspect Renee's tip line is working as she seems to delivery timely information ahead of the media pack.

  9. Between the Lines. This ZDNet blog covers CRM and ERP software systems as well as a host of related technology topics. Authors Dan Farber and Larry Dignan are creative writers that share their professional opinions and are not guilty of sugar coating every vendor and product write-up.

  10. This blog comes from an active CRM and ERP consultant who enjoys writing very candid product reviews as well as the lessons learned from her consulting engagements. If you're looking for a no-nonsense ERP or CRM product review, check out this site.

  11. Enterprise Web 2.0. The articles and posts in this blog speak to the question of how to institutionalize web 2.0 and social media for corporate benefits. Author Dion Hinchcliffe is currently writing a book about Web 2.0 and is the editor-in-chief of the Web 2.0 Journal and AjaxWorld Magazine.

  12. BeagleBlog. A very interesting CRM analyst blog site by boutique analyst firm Beagle Research and managing partner Dennis Pombriant. Dennis is one of the early pioneers that forecasted software as a service hyper growth back in the days when other analyst firms couldn't get past the surface issues of security, integration and customization.

  13. SaaS CEO blog. This is the Aplicor blog authored by the company's CEO and intended for the company's customers and business partners. It skips the all too common self promotion and speaks to the company's plans, product evolution, deficiencies, customer issues and community requests. A very well done blog other CEO's should follow.

  14. This is the self described blog site for everything SaaS. It has a great focus on Software as a Service business solutions with the greatest amount of content and insight related to CRM an ERP business software systems.

  15. Philip Richardson. This is a must visit blog site for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users. Philip is an Australian expatriate and the Microsoft CRM Lead Program Manager. Philip's blog is very rich with Microsoft Dynamics CRM tips, tricks, technical comments and advice. The CRM 4.0 posts are particularly helpful.

  16. This site has no redeeming value other than being politically incorrect and using the industry's questionable events for entertainment. It's a great site if you just want to look at the CRM and ERP industry with a sarcastic attitude and get a good laugh. I check out this site every month.

  17. This site has become a valuable source for public sector CRM and ERP. While the site categories include all things information technology, the blogger has a strong ERP background which delivers thoughtful and insightful ERP reviews, comments and advice.

  18. This blog provides a lot of great content for industry new comers trying to get up to speed or advance their understanding of the CRM and ERP software industries. The blog posts provide straight-forward answers to some of the industry's most asked questions.

  19. Here's an interesting blog from the perspective of a CRM field consultant. As a consultant, Hailey posts her experiences and opinions related to Aplicor, NetSuite, Oracle,, SAP and other CRM and ERP software implementations.

  20. Great Plains & CRM. Here's a quality blog for all Microsoft Great Plains and Microsoft CRM users. This sight goes to great length to provide technical content is a very user friendly way. Its posts are relevant and helpful for any Great Plains or Dynamics CRM user.

  21. Honorable mention: This blog is authored by Mark Mangano, a Vice President of IT for a financial services company and user of since 2002. Mark often has the inside story and candid posts related to events.

  22. Honorable mention: Tectura Blog. Tectura is one of the largest Microsoft ERP software resellers and their blog provides a wealth of information for Dynamics GP, NAV, AX and SL users.