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ERPsector is an industry recognized name for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software evaluation, analysis and opinion as well as primary research and original content focused on ERP business software systems. Since 1998, ERPsector has been the original author and publisher of the ERP Software REPORT, now in its 9th Edition. The ERP Software REPORT has been downloaded by more than 4,5000 web site readers and has a steady following among ERP software users, industry consultants, project managers, analysts, industry practitioners and ERP software buyers.


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netsuite software review NetSuite Review | Software as a Service ERP Review
Analyst Steven Briggs has completed the most up to date and comprehensive NetSuite software review. The in-depth review report provides coverage on the company, products, services and competitors and strikes an often claimed but seldom achieved balance between value and cost. Unlike software review reports which sugar coat the obvious and omit the deficiencies in an transparent effort to make everybody happy (and not jeopardize advertising revenues), this report is candid in its findings and fair in its presentation. The key advantages and disadvantages section is particularly straight forward. Steven is now working on his next SaaS accounting software system review and we expect to publish it as soon as its available.
sap ERP Leader | The ERP Software Market Share Leader
While the enterprise market for ERP software systems has been relegated to SAP, Oracle and Infor, the constantly conflicting claims of leadership and market share penetration know no consensus. Particularly with Oracle and SAP, each manufacturer seems to claim the top enterprise resource planning software and customer relationship management software position. This article filters through the competing claims, summarizes the more objective findings and with independent analyst verification places SAP at the top of the ERP software industry (for now).
Microsoft Dynamics Software Review Microsoft Dynamics CRM Review | CRM Software Review
Analyst Sharon Kotz performed a comprehensive and balanced Microsoft Dynamics CRM version 4 software review. When Dynamics CRM 4.0 was released in early 2008, it ushered the third generation for the CRM software product line (version 2 was omitted) and a significant advancements for several of the issues that caused Microsoft’s CRM offering to fall short on many industry analyst evaluation scales. Dynamics CRM 4.0 is a more impressive CRM software offering that includes strong Sales Force Automation (SFA) functionality, basic Marketing functionality and a sufficient level of Customer Support functionality for the average small or midsize business. Software Review | On-Demand CRM Software Review
Veteran software analyst provides the most comprehensive and balanced review yet for the market leading on-demand customer relationship management software solution. Software buyers face a particularly daunting challenge when reviewing due in part to the dizzying array of new product announcements and the almost ritual introductions of custom solutions such as AppExchange,, PAAS (Platform as a Service) and Google integration. This software review does an admirable job in reviewing the core tenants important to most software evaluators.
erp software directory ERP Directory | The World of ERP and CRM Software Systems
Keeping tabs on the global directory of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business software systems is a constant challenge. The ERP Software Directory catalogues and organizes over 1,000 ERP software manufacturers and their commercial products. The search feature enables quick navigation. More importantly, key search filters permit lookup by software delivery method (hosted or on-premise), price point, target market, database support, client operating system support, development platform, geographical support and industry fit. The Directory provides Vendor, Software and Reviews sections for many of the market leading applications.
Oracle CRM software review Oracle Siebel OnDemand Review | Software as a Service CRM Review
Software analyst Edy Henao provides an insightful Oracle On Demand CRM software review. Oracle CRM On Demand is Oracle’s answer to the software as a service (SaaS) CRM industry that was popularized by Oracle entered this market with its 2006 acquisition of Siebel Systems and began marketing a Siebel On Demand CRM solution that was still in its early stages of development. Recognizing Siebel On Demand's immaturity, Oracle set about creating a more formidable SaaS CRM solution. After three years of hard work and acquisition of another hosted CRM company, Oracle has finally built a product to compete with and other leading SaaS CRM software solutions.
netsuite ERP Spotlight | NetSuite's Smokin IPO
As if there needed to be more evidence to support Wall Street's affinity for software as a service companies, NetSuite bolstered SaaS company valuations by exceeding investment banker price estimates and continued to climb day after day after the IPO dust settled. However, now that Larry Ellison is a billion dollars richer and NetSuite finds itself under the scrutiny of public governance, the hosted accounting software maker faces new challenges introduced by public stakeholders (most notably the demand for profitability) as well as the continued challenges from, Sage, Microsoft and QuickBooks. Click here for more on this story ...

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Process Manufacturing Spotlight
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A Trusted Source since 1998
ERPsector scrutinizes the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business systems industry noise and vendor claims by analyzing, comparing and rating the leading ERP software applications. Our vetting process brings clarity to the ERP user community and as a by-product promotes the most credible vendor solutions offering the greatest user value. Our analysis is based on first hand experience by seasoned practitioners using systemic processes. Our reviews and industry recognized Top 5 ERP Software Listings help our readers avoid unsupported claims and get to a legitimate vendor short-list in short order. The ERP Software Report has been downloaded over 4,500 times and received countless responses in the forms of thank you emails and recommendations.

Save Time and Make a More Informed Decision
There are over 180 Enterprise Resource Planning software systems with each competing for attention and purchase consideration. Trying to decipher the contenders from the pretenders can exhaust a software selection committee before a short list is even defined. ERPsector cuts through the noise in order to jump start the basis for a vendor short list so software evaluators can spend their valuable time analyzing credible, market leading ERP systems and ultimately making the best purchase decision.

About This Site is a portal dedicated to the review, analysis, commentary and supported opinion of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems. This ERP software portal focuses on the five pillars that collectively make up ERP software systems which include:

  • Accounting systems and financial systems
  • Distribution systems and supply chain management (SCM) systems
  • Human resources (HR) and payroll systems
  • Manufacturing and MRP systems
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software systems

Special consideration is also given to supporting tools such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Business Process Automation (BPA), Information Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) as well as new technologies such as web-based systems, on-demand hosted delivery and Software as a Service (SAAS).

About Genesys Advisory
Genesys Advisory is a trusted business advisor and respected research firm which delivers original research, thought provoking content, relevant analysis, results with implication, expert opinion and strategic advisory services in the software technology and business services sectors. Our firm maintains an unequaled portfolio of business software evaluation tools, methods, techniques know-how. Based throughout the European Union (EU), our professionals are long on experience and deep in expertise. The company delivers the quality work products and synergistic results that can only be created from veteran professionals, deep intellectual capital, technology expertise, industry focus, a portfolio of intellectual property and a broad network of expert resources. The company's market access, business insight, primary analysis, meaningful results and expert opinion have been a recognized and enthusiastically embraced within the business software technology industry for over 20 years.